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Eye Exam, Tacoma, WA

Getting regular eye exams from an optometrist is important for your overall health care. Eye exams help prevent and detect eye diseases, even when there are no obvious symptoms. At Family EyeCare Associates in Tacoma, Washington, our experienced eye doctors Dr. Spencer Garlick, Dr. Zaccary Pincock, and Dr. Sharon Williams customize eye exams to meet your vision and eye health needs.

What do eye exams include?

When you come in for your eye exam, we’ll do a series of tests to check your eye health and vision. The exam might include vision testing, screening for eye diseases or other conditions, a refractive test to see if you need glasses, and creating a treatment plan if needed for any eye conditions we find.

Why are eye exams important?

During an eye exam, our eye doctors in Tacoma do more than just check your vision. We use advanced diagnostic technology to spot early signs of eye diseases and other medical conditions that can impact both your vision and overall health. Several eye diseases, like glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration, don’t show symptoms in the early stages. By having regular eye exams, we can identify these conditions before they get worse and cause irreversible damage and vision loss.

Along with detecting eye diseases, eye exams can also reveal signs of other health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and even certain types of cancers.

How long does an eye exam take?

Typically, an eye exam at Family EyeCare Associates takes about 30 minutes, but the duration can vary depending on your eye health and vision and what tests we need to perform. Before the exam, one of our eye doctors or another team member will ask about your medical and vision history as well as any concerns you have about your vision. Once the exam is done, we will go over the results with you and recommend any necessary follow-up care or treatment. This could include glasses or contact lenses, eye drops or medications, in-office procedures, or even referrals to specialists if needed. If you need eyeglasses, we will share your prescription details with the friendly team in our optical so they can recommend the best eyewear for your visual needs.
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Everyone has unique vision needs, and at Family EyeCare Associates, we provide high-quality, personalized care to each patient. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to helping you protect your eyes and maintain clear vision for years to come. Schedule your eye exam with us today at our office in Tacoma and let us help you achieve the best vision possible!

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We tailor our eye exams to meet the unique needs of each patient. Whether you're looking for an adult eye exam, a contact lens evaluation, or pediatric eye care, we offer high-quality, personalized care you can trust.

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From managing chronic eye diseases to treating common eye discomforts, Family EyeCare Associates is dedicated to providing the best eye care possible.

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We offer a wide range of eyeglasses and sunglasses in Tacoma for both adults and children. If you prefer contact lenses, we offer a variety of contact lens types and brands for you to choose from.