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Few people would willingly give up their ability to see, and yet many allow undiagnosed eye and vision problems to steal their eyesight away. If you and your loved ones want to enjoy your eyesight as fully as possible for life, then you need to make sure you’re receiving regular eye and vision exams. Family EyeCare Associates is proud to serve as your Lakewood and Tacoma eye exam resource.

How Preventative Care Protects Your Eyes and Vision

Comprehensive eye and vision exams are your strongest weapon in the fight against ocular diseases and disorders. That’s because the earlier these problems are detected, the sooner treatment to control them can begin. This is critical because many devastating ailments, including glaucoma and macular degeneration, can produce irreversible damage to your eyes for many years without making their presence known to you. A Tacoma eye exam can catch these problems before they have the opportunity to rob you of your eyesight. Correcting vision problems such as refractive errors is also important, especially for school-age children or anyone who depends on sharpness of vision for their livelihood.

What to Expect From Your Optometrist in Tacoma

Your optometrist in Tacoma, Dr. Hartman or Dr. Garlick, will ask you about any current medical, eye or vision issues you may have, including discomforts such as dry eye and digital eye strain, while our eye health examinations can detect problems you may not be aware of. By dilating your pupils, we can get a detailed look at most your eye’s interior, from the optic nerve and retina to the many tiny blood vessels. This lets us spot signs of possible diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and glaucoma. Tonometry, or pressure testing, is another means of checking your current glaucoma risk. We may also use an instrument called slit lamp to check the front of the eye for cataracts and other eye diseases.

Eye function testing is another important phase of your Tacoma eye exam. We use a variety of devices to measure eye teaming and tracking, binocular vision, convergence, focus, color perception and other skills necessary for clear eyesight. Vision testing can determine whether your eyes are struggling with refractive errors or other impediments. A technique called retinoscopy gives us an idea of how your eye refracts incoming light, while the tried-and-true eye chart indicates exactly how a refractive error is affecting your vision. Your optometrist in Tacoma can then use a machine called a phoropter to come up with your exact prescription for glasses or contacts.

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