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Your Optometrist for Hard to Fit Contact Lenses in Tacoma

Our Tacoma eye doctor knows that eye pain and irritation can unfortunately be a side effect of wearing contacts for some individuals, who suffer eye conditions that make contacts hard to fit. In the old days, we may have suggested you stick with glasses. Now, thanks to changing contact lens technology, we have more options that allow a greater range of people to comfortably wear contact lenses.  

Woman putting in hard to fit contact lenses

Who Needs Hard to Fit Contact Lenses in Tacoma? 

Before you can get fit for contact lenses, you need to have a thorough contact lens exam in Tacoma. During this exam, our Tacoma eye doctor may discover eye conditions that make it so you need hard to fit contacts, such as: 

Dry eye syndrome - Tacoma contact lenses dry out your eyes compared to glasses, so it's easy to understand how wearing traditional contact lenses could exacerbate the discomfort you feel. 

Keratoconus - In keratoconus, the cornea bulges out. Due to the irregular cornea shape, regular soft contact lenses cannot fit over the cornea. Fortunately, there are lenses that cover the corneal bulge. 

Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) - This eye condition causes eye irritation due to naturally occurring proteins. Since contact lenses attract these proteins, it's difficult for GPC sufferers to comfortably wear contacts without experiencing eye irritation. 

Astigmatism and presbyopia - Standard contact lenses don't accommodate these eye conditions. Presbyopia sufferers require multiple focusing powers, which standard contact lenses in Tacoma do not offer. Astigmatism users experience vision problems when standard contacts move or shift, failing to cover the areas of the cornea that need corrective vision aids. 

Tacoma Contact Lenses for Hard to Fit Patients

If you are eligible for hard to fit for contacts, we may recommend the following: 

Toric contacts - They stay in place, helping astigmatism patients enjoy clear consistent sight. 

RGP (rigid gas permeable) - These lenses accumulate fewer proteins than soft lenses, so GPC sufferers may experience reduced eye irritation when wearing RGP lenses. 

Scleral lenses - Since these contacts cover the entire cornea, they fit over irregularities associated with keratoconus. Scleral lenses also keep moisture in the eye, so dry eye patients can try contacts. 

Hybrid lenses - With a soft rim and the accuracy of rigid gas permeable lenses, these are a comfortable option. 

Multifocal contacts - With multiple vision powers, these lenses help presbyopia patients. 

To find the perfect pair of contact lenses in Gig Harbor, you need to have your eyes measured by our optometrist. We'll also examine your eyes and determine the best kind of contacts. 

Get a Contact Lens Eye Exam in University Place

The first step in getting contact lenses is a contact lens eye exam in University Place. Our office is accepting new patients now for a contact lens exam in Tacoma. To reserve your eye exam, and get contact lenses in Gig Harbor, University Place, and Tacoma, call our optometry clinic at (253)566-2020.

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