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Upgrade Your Vision and Your Look

Fine Tune Your Vision with Crizal Lenses

It’s an unavoidable fact for eyeglass wearers – your vision is only as good as the condition of your lenses. Scratches, smudges, smears, and dust can all cloud your vision and make you feel as if you are viewing the world through a dirty window. Fortunately, Crizal lenses from Essilor are available to sharpen up the picture. Crystal clear, diamond-hard, and scratch resistant, Crizal lenses are specially coated to provide superior clarity and transparency. Essilor borrowed from the flat-screen and fiber-optics industries to develop Crizal technology using a double-varnish technique that makes lenses highly resistant to scratches. In addition, they are water-repellent, anti-reflective, dust-resistant, and practically smudge-proof. With 99 percent light transmittance, Crizal lenses offer unparalleled brilliance that helps you get the most from your eye glasses.

Fircrest, University Place, and Tacoma residents trust Family EyeCare Associates to keep their vision sharp and their appearance up-to-date. We offer a wide selection of stylish frames and can help you select eye glasses to complement your individual style. Say “no” to smudged, scratched and cloudy eye glasses.. Family EyeCare Associates, conveniently located in Fircrest across from Tacoma Community College, can upgrade your eyewear with Crizal lenses. Your world will sparkle again!

Digital ‘No-Line’ Progressive Lenses Now Available

Speaking of upgrading your look, you may want to check out our digital, “no-line” progressive lenses by Essilor. Progressive lenses “no-line bifocals”, are prescribed to correct presbyopia, which is the age-related inability to focus on objects within arm’s length. Presbyopia can make it difficult reading the text on your phone or tablet, the fine print on medicine bottles, and threading a needle.

Choose a More Youthful-Looking Alternative

No-line progressive lenses create a youthful appearance. Sleek, modern, and contemporary-looking, no-line progressive lenses perform the convenient functions of bifocals or trifocals without announcing your presbyopia to the world.

We’re Ready to Help

Whether you would like to try out crystal-clear Crizal lenses or upgrade to the newest no-line digital progressive lenses, the team at Family EyeCare Associates is ready to assist you with friendly, personal service. We’ll help you say goodbye forever to scratched, cloudy eyeglasses and those telltale lines in your multi-focal lenses. We can provide digitally designed, measured and manufactured progressive lenses by Essilor that are easier than ever to learn to use!


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I love this place! Our favorite place on the week of Thanksgiving every year to get our family of SEVEN get their eye exams!"
    Jesse M.
  • "My son continues to receive the best care imaginable at Family EyeCare Associates. I would drive hours if that's what it required to see Dr. Hartman, Dr. Garlick, and their wonderful staff. I have truly never seen such compassion. They care about the person as a whole, not just the body part they're treating. Anyone in the healthcare field would do well to adopt even a small amount of the attitude that these people have. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else."
    Robyn Danielle J.
  • "No wonder this business name starts w/word FAMILY! The whole staff treated me like I was part of their family on my first visit here!
    Couldn't have asked for a better experience!"
    Sharon Sheldrew B.